See the finer details in VR games.

See the virtual world through a 2880 x 1700 combined pixel resolution—an 88% increase over the original VIVE. All-new LCD panels reduce the distance between pixels, minimizing the screen-door effect.

Get versatile compatibility.

Enhance your headset experience, stay compatible with your current setup and gain future upgradability.

Provides versatile compatibility with VIVE Base Stations 1.0 and SteamVR™ Base Stations 2.0 as well as all VIVE controllers and Valve Index Controllers.

Designed for gamers.

Minimize disruptions to your VR sessions. Switch back and forth freely from reality and game world with the one-of-a-kind flip-up headset design.

A crown fit makes putting on the headset quick and easy. Suits a wide range of face shapes, vision types, and even fits over glasses.

Made with easy-to-clean materials to simplify headset upkeep.

Sound that excites.

Rich stereo audio is integrated into on-ear, form-fitting headphones. Experience great sound during extended VR adventures.

Wireless Adapter

Untethered virtual reality is here.

Remove cords from the equation. Move freely. Get powerful visual and audio transmission at 60GHz. Featuring Intel ® WiGig technology.

*Sold separately.

Motion Faceplate

Refined inside-out tracking. Expand your range of motion with six camera sensors. Get accurate inside-out tracking with wide Field of View (FOV) and six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) support. *Sold separately.
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About this item

  • 6 TRACKING CAMERAS - Get expansive movement coverage with a wide tracking field-of-view

  • SUPERIOR VISUAL FIDELITY - 2880 x 1700 combined-resolution, 90Hz refresh rate & adjustable interpapillary distance (IPD) dial for visual comfort and quality

  • CONVENIENT FLIP-UP DESIGN - Snap back to reality with a simple push of your display and headphones

  • STEAM & VIVEPORT LIBRARY ACCESS - Play your favorite VR games & apps straight from VR's top content stores

  • VIVE REALITY SYSTEM (VRS) - Be more immersed, beginning to end, with a reimagined user interface for VR

  • VIVEPORT INFINITY – Get 2 months of unlimited VR play of 700+ games & apps. Code included in box.

what people think about this item


Do you see a lot of reviews of the Vive cosmos that are negative? Well this one isn’t. I think it’s a great headset fairly comfortable when adjusted right. The six cameras do incredible work in virtual reality. You are not Imprisoned by base units it’s just the headset and the controllers. I choose to play sitting down often mostly because I’m still learning and I want to knock everything over in my house. You can stand up, some games Require it. This is a moderately priced headset and controller box and worth the money! I’ve been having fun that I didn’t know existed.


This is the best! A bit pricier than the one I had originally wanted to get my son. However, I’m glad I chose this one and spent a little extra. This VR is great! Very good quality overall.



Completely love the cosmos it is far above my expectations due to previous reviews. I can confirm that the cosmos has fixed all its issues. Never lost tracking, the headset works perfect in bright and dark lighting conditions. Overall amazing product to own.


I absolutely love this headset, the visuals are crystal clear and the tracking is good (not great) no lighting issues. I come from the PlayStation vr, and this is a gamechanger, i use it for tilt brush and arts/design.