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Rebuff Reality Track Strap Plus / Track Belt Plus - VIVE Tracker Full Body Tracking - 10+ hrs. 6,000mAh Battery - Adjustable Comfortable Foot Straps and Waist Belt - Popular in VRChat - Motion Capture

oculus quest 2- virtual reality games-vr shop

Rebuff Reality is the Leading Manufacturer of VR Accessories and Peripherals in Full-body Tracking, Extended Power, Protection, and (upcoming) Audio.

VIVE Tracker erred for up to 10+ hours of game time in VR full-body tracking or motion capture. Battery Extension: Battery pow

Coil Cables with Zero Tracking Interference: Custom designed and engineered L-style cables means your tracking works perfectly.

Comfortable: Breathable elastic neoprene is cozy yet firm and fits vast majority of waist and foot sizes.

Includes 2 Tracks trap Plus and 1 Track Belt Plus. UL and CE safety certified, Patent-pending. VIVE TRACKERS SOLD SEPARATELY.



If you are someone that is on VR for a lot of time I recommend these. I personally use them for VR chat and they last me the whole day, sometimes until the next day. My only gripe is that you can't remove the battery that's inside the belt, but I don't see it as a deal breaker, it's just unfortunate.

If worse comes to worse, you can always purchase their separate batteries for $20 and are compatible with the older track straps that Rebuff sells without the batteries. I even bet they are compatible with other straps as well.

These straps are so comfortable to wear they charge in no time at all and I can be in vr for way more time that usual highly recommend.

The straps themselves are much higher quality than the normal Track Straps. The Velcro seems like it'll last a lot longer, plus the feet straps are shorter so you don't have the issue of having to deal with loose straps because your feet are too small.

The batteries are wonderful, I spend long hours in VRChat dancing and sleeping, and so far the longest I've gone is 11 hours straight with the trackers not going below 100%. They're a little big but you get used to that very quickly, and they're very lightweight.

The only issue I've had so far is the buckles on the feet straps dig into my feet from time to time. Maybe it's more solid or just bigger, I don't know. But I definitely notice it and it wasn't an issue with the old straps.

For the first time since getting full body tracking, my controllers die well before my trackers. In fact, the longest I've gone so far is just under 8 hours of use, and all three trackers were still at 100%. They're not much heavier than the original track straps. The fit and finish is high quality, as RR products always seem to be!

I like how it gives me more battery life in vr. The tracker last about 5 hour but goes fast when you play games and this added 8-10 hours more so you don’t have to lose your lower half. Only complaint would be to make it where you can remove the battery to clean the straps.



VR N injas Virtual Reality Mat for Position Orienting | VR Accessory | Braille for Your Feet! | Improve Your Game | Increase Comfort | Prevent Hitting Objects | Room Scale Play | FR VR X


oculus quest 2- virtual reality games-vr shop

  • ★ LEVEL UP YOUR VR EXPERIENCES with this sensory position-orientation mat. Feel centered in your environment and reduce your risk of hurting yourself or your surroundings!

  • ★ Use the mat's textures to determine your exact location in the physical world, Ninja stars face the front, smooth texture at the back. Wherever you place your feet, you'll know which way you are facing.

  • ★ No more breaking valuables, no more injuries! Don't rely on your guardian system to tell you when you are about to hit your computer or wall (these systems are usually too late with their warnings!). You'll always know your spacing by physical touch.

  • ★ Feet positioning guides and rails allow for perfect foot placement, giving you an advantage in game to be perfectly centered and balanced. Move like a Ninja!

  • ★ Longer Endurance and Superior Comfort! This high quality foam has the perfect balance of firmness and cushion, while textures feel great on your feet!



I bought a VR about a month ago. I don’t have a very large play space in my living room and I kept hitting my sliding glass door or my media center when playing some more “active” games. This works great for keeping me in place! I haven’t hit anything for a week now (knock on wood).

Overall, I just feel a lot more “safe” when playing with this mat… plus the mat looks and feels really good (I love the textures that tell you which way you are facing, brilliant!). I was surprised to also get 3 sticky pads that can be stuck to the bottom… I’ve noticed that the pad can move a little on carpet, but when you put these sticky pads in their little slots on the bottom, it really holds it in place.

This is a must for vr! I have the Oculus Quest allowing me to move all over my play area...especially in the heat of the moment. The Ninja mat keeps me from slamming into my surroundings perfectly. I highly recommend this for anyone using any vr headset. GREAT PRODUCT!!

The VR Ninjas mat was exactly what I needed, and was looking for during my VR gameplay sessions. As someone new to VR gaming, I found myself wandering outside of the centralized zone needed to stay in place (and in camera tracking view). I would wander into furniture, or find myself outside of the optimized zone for camera tracking altogether. This mat works great in it's placement of textures, and in helping to keep me oriented and in place.

The mat is made of very thick foam rubber, and the textures are well designed & placed. The mat is also easily stored in that it can be rolled up, or it can be easily placed under a couch, bed, or in a closet for safe storage. The mat comes with three sticky pads for non-carpeted surfaces so it doesn't slip, which was a nice surprise. The mat and pads are also both easy to clean with water, with the sticky pads regaining their tackiness after cleaning too.

I absolutely love my VR Ninjas mat, and I'd say this is an essential accessory to have while VR gaming--at least it is for me. I'm really glad that I got this, and it's something I'll be recommending to anyone that I talk to about VR gaming going forward. Two thumbs up!



oculus quest 2- virtual reality games-vr shop

AMVR VR Stand, Headset Display Holder and Controller Mount Station for Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift or Rift S Headset and Touch Controllers

Brand M AMVR

Color Black

Item Weight 0.5 Kilograms

Platform No Operating System

Model Name VS1E

About this item

  • ✓ Specially designed for Displaying and Storing Oculus Rift VR Headset; VR Display Stand detachable design to be stored away and re-assemble easily!

  • ✓ Easy to use, with only four steps to assemble; Put your VR Headset and Wireless Controller in VR Stand to make your desktop neat and spectacular; Your friends will be impressed.

  • ✓ Protect and Display your Oculus Rift Headset in the VR Headset Stand with the most stable, lowest center of gravity, widest stance.

  • ✓ Compatibility - Compatible with most standard sized VR headsets including Oculus Go ,PSVR-Sony PlayStation VR,HTC Vive and Pro, Vive Focus ,Samsung Gear VR, and other most all-in-one VR Glasses. But the controllers not compatible the controller holder

  • ✓ Please Note : The Oculus Headset and Controllers are NOT INCLUDE !



This is a great stand for my headset and controllers!! My biggest fear with stands is how close they get to the lenses. I've heard other stands have damaged lenses, but this one leaves a good 1 1/2" gap from the lenses, and that's with the thinner leather face mask insert and not the original, thicker foam mask!! I don't have to undo any of my straps. Super easy to set up and not top-heavy. Wish it had a cable wrap but not a big deal. Highly recommend!!

I got this stand because I was tired of just dropping my Oculus Rift wherever while the Touch handpieces rolled around the tabletop. It works exactly as advertised, and even has the perfect amount of space to set the Xbox controller on top of the base. I love it. My Oculus now has a secure, stylish home and can be safely stored without putting undue pressure on the top band or the face cushion. Awesome!

I bought this stand to store my Oculus Rift so I could keep it out for use. Prior to owning the stand, I rarely used my Oculus Rift because it was a chore to unpack and repack into the retail packaging. That I spent so much money on the Rift and a computer to drive it, I knew I needed a solution that made it easier to store and retrieve the Rift and controllers. I looked at all the options and read reviews. The other options usually only hold the head mounted display (HMD) and not the touch controllers. That was less than ideal for what I wanted. Others were pretty, but risked scratching the lenses in the HMD. This one is attractive, holds the HMD and controllers in a neat, small manner and risks no damage in my use. I am happy with the stand and easily justify the price. Also, I read older reviews that stated the parts that hold the touch controllers were 3-D printed instead of molded, resulting in the look you would get with 3-D printing (for lack of a better description, that would a a finely ribbed appearance). Mine are molded with the same matte texture as the rest of the stand. It appears this small drawback has now been addressed. I recommend this stand.

Using this stand to hold the Oculus headset and controllers is better than having them lying on a table. It's a great little organizer and can be used for other VR headsets -- it comes with different pieces that adapt the stand for whatever VR rig you have.

It's a bit pricey for just an organizer, but it works, so I'm happy with it. I sort of wish it could be wall mounted, but I'm thinking of installing a shelf to keep the expensive cords out of the way of little cat paws and teeth.

Overall, okay value and I feel like it's a little pricey for a few ounces of plastic, but it's a one-and-done solution so no other complaints.

For the money you can not go wrong with this stand. It holds my Oculus 2 along with the controllers just fine. I would suggest placing something weighted on the back of the base of the stand just to insure it does not tip forward. The way its designed it shouldn't tip forward but just to be on the safe side.



Illuminated Charging VR Stand – Universally Compatible with Oculus Quest 2, Quest 1, HTC Vive, Rift-s, Go, Cosmos, PSVR, Index and All Standard Sized VR Headsets | Aura

oculus quest 2- virtual reality games-vr shop

Brand Asterion

Platform Oculus

Compatible Devices Oculus quest, HTC vive,rift-s,go,cosmos,psvr,index

Connections USB

Controller Type Button Control

About this item


  • Changeable LED Color - With the front touch button you can change the light to red, gold, green, cyan, blue, indigo, lavender, white and alternating color mode.

  • Minimalistic yet sturdy floating design - Add functionality without sacrificing on style

  • Universally compatible - Easily mount any standard size VR headset without hassle

  • Convenient USB A charge port - (Please note: VR device charging cable NOT included) Quickly mount and start to charge your headset in seconds


what people think about this item

This stand is a must-have for my VR headsets. It's incredibly sturdy with zero bend. It looks SUPER impressive with the lights on even during daylight and if you want to turn the lights off, you can easily do it with the little touch sensor on the front. With the second touch sensor on the front you can change the colors to whatever you want, there's even a setting that cycles through all the colors, which is my favorite! It also has a charge port that works with all my headsets. It's definitely exceeded my expectations!

The Quest hangs naturally on it, very easy to remove. Simple and efficient, we need more products like this.

Works great! Sad that it doesn't have any spot for the controllers but it works perfectly in my gaming room. The plastic was super satisfying to take off btw

Super easy to set up, the colors are nice and vibrant. Easy to change colors and turn on and off as well

I would have never known about this product but I saw someone had it on the Facebook Oculus group. It looked so cool I thought it was homemade until I searched for it on Amazon. It looks really cool with the color changing options and the touch sensitive buttons. It's very sturdy and built well too. Well worth the money.



Rebuff Reality VR Shell for Oculus Quest - VR Headset Protection - Protects Cameras and All Ports - Thermo Plastic for Heat Dispersion

oculus quest 2- virtual reality games-vr shop


  • Rebuff Reality is the Leading Manufacturer of VR Accessories and Peripherals in Full-body Tracking, Extended Power, Protection, and (upcoming) Audio.

  • Hardened Membrane: The optimal combination of hardened poly-carbonate and hexagonal strengthening keeps your headset protected from accidents.

  • Camera Clearance: Machined with sub-millimeter precision VR Shell is completely unobtrusive to camera tracking while preventing damage from all angles

  • Heat Dispersion: Secure thermo-plastics with ventilation in 4 critical sections ensure heat dispersion occurs uninterrupted during gameplay sessions.

  • Cool Background Prints: Customize your VR Shell in only 3 minutes with a bunch of free prints or make your own.

  • NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OCULUS QUEST 2. Compatible only with Oculus Quest original!!



I'm the type of person that likes to keep their stuff as pristine as possible. After a few days of using my Oculus Quest I started to notice skin residue building up on the fabric portion of the Quest. Not very much mind you but I knew what would happen if I didn't find a solution to touching that fabric all the time when I take it off and put it on. After a few days of looking for solutions I kept coming back to this cover.

This thing is perfect for keeping the outside of the Quest as perfect as you can. The portion of the cover that covers the front of the Quest is made from pretty hard plastic. The portion of the cover that covers the fabric on the Quest is a softer plastic which makes it very easy to put on and take off.

What I really like about it, and what sold me, was that it was clear. This meant that I could still use the skin I bought for my Quest. I love this thing. I liked it so much that I even became a backer of their VR Ears Kickstarter that ends very soon.

The shell covers majority of the unit. Very good protection for the camera and buttons. I'm happy with the product...except the price. It's kind of pricey but there's nothing else on the market that'll provide this type of protection.

This thing is awesome. It really makes your quest look nicer, and it feels way sturdier to pick up. Doesn't add much weight to it, as it's literally just a thin hard layer of plastic. Cutouts for buttons and cameras are perfect, and it's a super tight fit. Still fits in the official travel case no problem.

The only issue I have with it is the same one everyone else does: the price. $40 for one piece of plastic is kind of ridiculous, and admittedly I would have tried cheaper options of this if they were on the market.

That being said, with my quest looking cooler than ever and the ease of mind knowing my baby is protected from dirt, it definitely doesn't feel like wasted money. I love it.

Excellent product, snaps right in. A must have if you own a quest! Packaged with very high quality.

Solid protection with a stylish look to it. Super fast shipping and awesome customer service (super fast to respond). Perfectly molded to slide and notch securely onto my Oculus device. Doesn't obstruct any of the device functionality. Yes, you can place a thin sticker/s under lens without causing any issues.

Price may seem high, Think about what you're protecting. Don't skimp out on solid product when its protecting high dollar equipment



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